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For 75 years, H.G. Reynolds has built an impeccable reputation for being the go-to K-12 construction management firm. Building schools comprise more than 90% of our total work portfolio - we are passionate about this work. Our seasoned team is ready to help your district balance your goals and the functionality of facilities within the limits of your schedule and budget. 

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Since our establishment in 1948, H.G. Reynolds Company has been dedicated to becoming one of the elite construction services in the state. In 1948, Harry Graham Reynolds started H.G. Reynolds as a general contracting firm. A graduate of Clemson University, Mr. Reynolds began his business building small commercial buildings in Greenwood, S.C. Some of his early projects included a school in Rock Hill, a gymnasium in Edgefield, and a hospital in Walterboro. In 1970, H.G. Reynolds relocated to Trenton, S.C., where it continued to operate for the next twenty years.

In 1986, Mr. Reynolds retired and his two sons, Leland and Jeffrey, became 50/50 owners of the firm. Since their initiation as the company leaders, Leland and Jeffrey have established a dedicated company that has been able to service the local construction market and add several industrial and institutional clients, continuing to construct school and prison buildings.

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After each serving as superintendents throughout the state for more than ten years each, in 2013, the third-generation sons, Ryan, Graham, and Hank, became principals carrying H.G. Reynolds into the next generation. Since then, we have worked with over 15 school districts and delivered over $800 million in educational facilities throughout South & North Carolina.

In addition, to increase H.G. Reynold's services in the construction market, a division in Henderson, NC, was established in 1991 under the leadership of Ken Long, a graduate of NC State University. The Henderson Branch contracts similar projects with an added emphasis on water and sewer infrastructure.



Since 1948, H.G. Reynolds Company has been dedicated to delivering elite construction services to K-12 clients throughout the southeast. We have successfully completed hundreds of K-12 projects throughout South Carolina, working with more than 20 school districts, delivering approximately $1 billion in IPD & CMR services to South Carolina K-12 facilities.

Our goal is to enhance educational facilities by creating spaces that provide communities with state-of-the-art schools that positively impact local economic growth.

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