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WORKING WITH US tradition of trust

At H.G. Reynolds, we've been listening for over 70 years. We prioritize our client's needs and subcontractor and architect feedback for every project. That tradition has enabled us to maintain long-term relationships with repeat school districts, architects, and subcontractors. 

These long-term relationships have strengthened the bond between our team and every project's design team. They have enabled us to deliver a detailed analysis of drawings and specs to ensure cost and design efficiency for each project.


At H.G. Reynolds, we believe achieving the desired outcome for any project starts with transparent communication with the clients. Our top five priorities in any project are:  

  • Understanding our clients’ specifications and standards
  • Site specific safety and zero lost time accidents
  • Understand the owner’s future maintenance goals and capabilities
  • Develop cost-effective solutions through Value Engineering
  • Delivering a sustainable facility under budget


We understand the importance Pre-Construction Services plays on the cost-savings potential of your project. We take the time to thoroughly assess and plan to mitigate risks associated with constructing the project. Our Pre-Construction Services include:

  • Existing Condition Analysis
  • Mechanical and Electrical Drawing Coordination
  • Constructability Analysis and Review
  • Cost Estimating and Control
  • Scheduling, Phasing, and Logistics
  • Bid Packaging
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Material Procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Subcontractor Pre-Qualification and Selection


H.G. Reynolds Company prioritizes providing quality facilities where users can operate and flourish in their day-to-day work activities. We maintain strict attention to detail, not only in aesthetics but in design, function, and future maintenance for the owner.

Understanding the project, employing knowledgeable and skilled employees, utilizing good subcontractors, and performing work correctly the first time, are the key to a successful project. Our project team’s approach to quality control is threefold: Pre-Construction and Subcontractor Management, Communication, and Documentation.


We are confident that our team can present a wide range of options for various systems for pricing analysis for each project. We rely on our teams' expertise and use of past and current projects to derive unique problem-solving methods to achieve the desired outcome to meet the client’s needs.

Our team's approach to value engineering is threefold: Project Planning Value Engineering, Design Development Value Engineering, and Construction Value Engineering.


H.G. Reynolds Company considers the safety of our employees a significant responsibility, with the protection of students and staff of utmost importance. Constant efforts are made to maintain safe work habits and conditions, including staff members actively coordinating and advising on problem areas, supervisors accepting responsibility, and employees participating in eliminating unnecessary accidents. We recognize that accident prevention can only be successful when top management is concerned about safety.

Superintendents hold Weekly Safety Meetings at the job site to go over activities on the site that week. We also implement the Hazard Communication Program and a Drug Policy. Our superintendents have OSHA training, and our safety manager provides hands-on safety management, inspections of our sites, and training. H.G. Reynolds Company is proud to boast an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of 0.86.


H.G. Reynolds strives to provide small MWBE+Local firms the opportunity to bid on projects that would typically fall outside their capabilities. We unbundle a portion of the Scope of Work to accomplish that, including landscaping and irrigation, waterproofing, painting, carpentry, concrete work, and final cleaning.

To ensure these opportunities, H.G. Reynolds goes the extra mile. We understand the hardships of small businesses and are passionate about ensuring everybody has an opportunity to work on our projects.

Below we outline some of the steps we take to create a space where these firms, no matter how big or small, have a chance to join our team to ensure you have the highest quality contractors building your facility.

  • Promote

    Once awarded a project, H.G. Reynolds promotes the new project in the local community by hosting local, pre-bid events, inviting all WMBE+Local vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors who might be interested in bidding on the project. Our WMBE+Local coordinators and project team can explain the project thoroughly and the different scopes and requirements we are hiring for. Our goal is to make sure everyone has an opportunity to submit a bid and understand what is expected from the start.

  • Engage

    When hosting a pre-bid event, we can engage with WMBE+Local firms directly. As a result of this practice, our company can better understand the challenges restricting these firms from bidding on specific projects. Our goal is to understand what is needed to ensure WMBE+Local firms are afforded the opportunity to participate in our awarded projects.

  • Unbundle

    H.G. Reynolds strives to provide small WMBE+Local firms the opportunity to bid on projects that would typically fall outside their scope of capabilities. To accomplish that, we unbundle a portion of the Scope of Work, including landscaping and irrigation, waterproofing, painting, carpentry, concrete work, and final cleaning.

  • Support

    At H.G. Reynolds, we provide the support necessary to ensure WMBE+Local firms have the opportunity to work on our projects. For example, in the past, we have purchased and rented required pieces of equipment at no extra cost to that subcontractor to enhance their firm’s capability to complete the work. We also pride ourselves on lending our supervision to firms needing supervisory help while on our projects.

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